How Long Does Delivery Take?

Delivery can take up to 5 working days, this does not include weekends or bank holidays so please bare this in mind. 

I haven't received my order, can you help?

Drop us an email or fill in the details on the contact us page. Please include your full name & order number so we can track this for you. 

My Item is damaged, what do I do?

Drop us an email or fill in the contact us page, please include your order number and pictures of the items which are damaged. 

What Type of Wax Do You Use?

We use 100% Soy wax, this is the safest and the most environmentally friendly. We also recommend you use soy wax tea lights not paraffin. Paraffin tea lights will leave that black smokey mark on your burner. 

Is any of your packaging recyclable

Our Delivery Boxes & envelopes are all recyclable, please read the instructions on the envelopes.

Our stuffing and bubble wrap isn't however we do not purchase these products. We get gifted it so it can be reused for our products.

The wax melt packaging is recycled plastic and can be recycled.

All Candles, reed diffuser bottles, spray bottles & car perfumes can be recycled.  

When will the Broken Bits be back in stock?

Honestly, we don't know! Broken bits are literally when wax melts get broken or we make a tiny bit to much wax. It takes weeks to get a decent amount of broken bits to list on the website. Keep an eye on our stories which is where we will announce when they are restocked.  

I live in Croydon, Can I come and collect?

Unfortunately not. We still make these products from our home address & we wouldn't want to give out our address to customers. 

I also work full time as well as run The Wax Sisters so I am only home in the evenings when I am catching up on house work & cooking. 

I messaged you on Instagram but you haven't replied. 

We get hundreds of messages a day so it will take us a while to get round to your message, if it is urgent we suggest you email us on as this is monitored more regularly.  

Can I use your wax melts in an electric burner?

Yes however, some electric burners get very hot very fast which means the scent throw will be VERY strong but it will not last long, you will probably need to change the wax every use.

However if you use a tea light burner you can use the same wax up to 5 times depending on your preference of course.